School Holiday Meals

Children who would normally receive ‘free school meals’ during term time, do not always have access to a proper meal at home. This is normally because the family are living in difficult times and many families within Fareham, Portchester and Gosport are having to access foodbanks to be able to have food.

One of Lions Clubs International causes is to fight food hunger.


It costs an average of £15 per week per child and there are approximately 500 children of primary school age and approximately 700 children of secondary school age, who are eligible for free school meals in Fareham and Portchester alone. Based on this information it would cost at least £18,000 for one week. 


Fareham Lions are looking to ensure that the children who are entitled to free school meals can access a meal from Monday to Friday during the day during half terms.

Initially we are looking to work with a Primary school (or connecting Infant & Junior Schools) to ensure 100 children are looked after and fed during October half term.

Based on the costs we will need to raise £1500 to do this.

That works out to be:

      • 1500 people donating £1 each or
      • 150 people donating £10 each or
      • 100 people donating £15 each


If you can afford to help out a child who may not receive a decent meal during the school holidays, please donate by clicking on the button below to go to our secure online fundraising page.