Lions Centenary

Lions Centenary

To celebrate Lions Club International centenary we have been tasked with various service challenges:

Sharing the Vision
Prevent future cases of unnecessary blindness through vision screenings and educational events. Give the gift of sight through projects that benefit those who are blind or living with low vision. 

Through the collection of used spectacles / glasses we can help provide much needed help to others in developing countries.

Protecting our Environment
Protect and improve the environment to make your community a healthier place to live for everyone.

Planting of trees or flowers for the community or creation of an area

Relieving the Hunger
Improve access to healthy food for vulnerable populations in our community.

Ensuring that the food banks are adequately provided for or providing a lunch for those in need

Engaging our Youth
Support youth in our community, or inspire the next generation of volunteers by inviting Leos and other local youth to serve on a project with us.

Working with our youth to promote leadership and ambassadorship through service


Sharing what we do with the community, friends and family to encourage new members and build stronger clubs that serve the local areas of Fareham and Portchester


We would like to ensure that 1000 injections are paid for to help eradicate this disease.